Secure Payments

CleanStore uses Sage pay, but what does this mean for me?
We know that giving your credit card details out over the internet is difficult, thatís why we use Sage pay. Sage pay is a secure payment system. By using this payment method CleanStore ensures that your card details are handled only by Sage pay and your card provider.

How can I be sure my transaction is safe?
When you come to enter your card details you should check two things.
1. Is my connection safe?
Your browser should have a padlock symbol. These means that only your computer and the server on the other end can see the data you enter.
The padlock will only be visible when you are connected to the bank. When you are browsing the site there is no padlock.

2. Am I connected to Sage pay?
If you want to be sure you are now connected to Sage pay, look at the address in your browser. If it has then you are now talking to Sage pay.

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