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Pressure Washer FAQ's
Q: What are the Differences between an Induction, Universal Motor and Water-cooled Motor?
A: Universal motors are high revving motors, they have carbon brushes that will eventually need replacing.
The upside is they are far cheaper to produce and as long as they are for infrequent or short use that is fine.
Induction motors do not have carbon brushes and are more of an industrial type motor making them more robust. A good way of knowing what motor the machine you are looking at has, is by the weight of the machine, as induction motors weigh a lot more than universal motors, also universal motors are noisier than the induction motor.
In short, an induction motor will last longer as there are no brushes to wear out. If the brush on a motor fails this will lead to complete failure of the motor.

The new type of motor from Karcher is the Water-cooled induction. Again this is brushless so the motor is far less likely to fail. Instead of the wire windings found in the induction motor to cool the unit, Karcher have surrounded the motor with a water jacket via the inbound water from your garden hose, this therefore cools the motor making it cost less to run.

Q: What is the warranty period on the pressure washer?
A: The warranty on the machines range from 24 months through to 60 months on the range of domestic machines. Both Karcher and Nilfisk handle their own warranty directly, but we always happy to assist you in any way. All machines purchased from Cleanstore will be replaced if there is a fault in the first 28 days.

Q: What is the difference between a detergent suction hose, detergent tank and detergent bottle (foaming gun)?
A: The suction hose draws cleaning chemical into the machine from you detergent bottle, the tank is connected to the machine and you fill it with chemical that will feed the machine under low pressure. The bottle connects to the end of the machine lance and delivers the chemical in a foaming action to the cleaning area.

Q: Do I need detergent for cleaning a patio?
A: If you are using a T-Racer or Patio Cleaner you should not need a detergent. The only exceptions may be for many years of dirt and grime build up; or for an area that is very greasy, i.e. . under a b-b-q or where you have an oil spillage (pre-soak these with neat neutral detergent).

Q: Do I need a T-Racer/Patio Cleaner?
A: The patio cleaning devices are a great attachment to aid the cleaning of drive’s, patio’s and paths. It is generally agreed that they will reduce the cleaning times by upto six times. In addition the result is even and consistent, less water is used and you are only cleaning the required area and do not spray yourself and adjoining areas as well. These devices are probably the best enhancement you can buy for your pressure washer. The other major benefit is by using this attachment you reduce cleaning time and therefore reducing pump run times, in turn increasing pump life span.

Q: Can I use a T-Racer/Patio Cleaner with my machine
A: Always buy the same make as your pressure washer. Check the Bar pressure of the unit to ensure you have the correct T-Racer/Patio Cleaner. Generally if your unit is 100 Bar or under you need one of the smaller T-Racer/Patio Cleaner or you need a reduced nozzle size. If you need any help please give us a call.

Q: How do I store my machine over winter?
A: The best solution is somewhere warm. If not ensure the machine is drained of water. If it freezes the water will expand cracking low pressure guns, damaging seals and bursting hoses. If stored in a cold area, wrap the unit in an old blanket to try and frost protect it.

Q: Can I extend the pressure hose?
A: Yes, Please ensure you use the same make as the machine you have purchased. Also check the hose is correct as there can be differences between hose types of rewind and non rewind units.

Q: Do I purchase a machine with a high Bar pressure or Water Flow Rate
A: It is about finding a good balance. If you have one very high and the other very low your cleaning result or speed of cleaning will be adversely affected. Decide the sector of machine you require first and then look for the water flow rate verses Bar pressure. Do not look at them separately. Also when checking flow rate, check your garden tap can deliver enough water for your pressure washer or you may be wasting you money. The average garden tap will deliver 600 litres per hour. If you are unsure time how much water can be collected in a bucket during 60 seconds, times this amount by 60 and then you have the flow rate per hour.

Q: Can I use a pressure washer on my car?
A: Yes, just keep a sensible distance from the vehicle when rinsing with the lance. Brushes feed at low pressure make them safe at all times. Bristles are flagged to make them soft and therefore safe on paintwork. Always use the wide jet lance and never the pencil shaped jet.

Q: Is my domestic machine OK for commercial use?
A: The machine will work in a wide range of cleaning environments, however the warranty is for domestic use only.

Q: Can I use an extension lead?
A: Yes, but you should use a waterproof socket. Always unwind an extension lead before use and make sure it is rated for the machine you are using.

Q: Do I need to connect to a garden tap?
A: The garden tap is always the best solution but if this not available you will need a water suction hose kit. This will have a filter and non-return valve to help maintain the best possible pressure and stop any backflow, thus protecting the motor.

Q: Can I vary the pressure of my pressure washer?
A: Using the vario or tornado lance you can usually vary the pressure from 20Bar to maximum.

Q: What detergents can I run through my pressure washer?
A: No acids, Alkaline chemical upto 12pH

Q: Is the machine Automatic Stop/Start?
A: All the machines in the domestic range have auto stop/start
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