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AVA GO P40 X-Large Refurbished Pressure Washer Bundle (A-Grade) has been added to your cart.

AVA GO P40 X-Large Refurbished Pressure Washer Bundle (A-Grade)

149.90 119.99
(99.99 ex VAT)
  • 1700W Universal Motor, 3 Piston All-Metal Pump
  • 120 Bar, 390 Litres Per Hour
  • 6m Steel-Fibre Reinforced Hose
  • Zoom Lance & Trigger Gun
  • Inclusive Facade Brush
  • Foam Cannon, Vario & Turbo Nozzles
  • 2 Year Warranty
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Power, portability & the convenience of easy storage - 2 year warranty

What is an A-Grade refurbished pressure washer?
A new unit that has been returned to AVA in a new and unused condition. The unit has been electrically safety tested and repacked.

The AVA GO was designed to get the most out of a small machine. When you’re short on storage place, don’t want to carry around a heavy machine, or are washing far from your home, the GO is the machine to choose. Get right to it, get cleaning, and get the satisfaction of a job well done.

The AVA P40 GO is an ultra-compact and low-weight pressure cleaner made for portability & power in a small package, and featuring a solid 3 piston, all-metal pump. This GO Series pressure washer is easily capable of fitting in any car boot, so you can easily transport it from one site to another & can even take it with on your travels!

Despite its small size, you’ll find plenty of room onboard the AVA GO to store your accessories & the GO packs the same punch as many larger machines, all while weighing less than 10kg. Included as standard is a high-quality steel fibre reinforced hose and AVA's award-winning zoom lance, meaning you can extend and retract, giving you the comfort and range to give a close, effective jet spray no matter the situation.

Included within the AVA GO P40 X-Large bundle is AVA's facade brush - designed provide a gentle yet effective cleaning treatment for most outdoor surfaces around the home & garden. Aided by the three 60° high pressure nozzles integrated in the brush, and the perfect size of the brush, the cleaning of facades and other wooden surfaces becomes efficient, yet gentle.

Also included within the X-Large bundle is an AVA foam cannon which creates a layer of long-lasting foam that clings to every surface. Featuring an adjustable foam output the AVA foam cannon utilizes a high-quality stainless steel mesh filter to mix detergent, water & air.

The inclusive AVA 20°/60° Vario Nozzle comes with all AVA GO Series pressure washers & allows you to quickly adjust the angle of the nozzle, & therefore the pressure of the water jet that comes out of the nozzle, & is very useful when quickly changing between two different tasks. You'll also receive the AVA Turbo Nozzle - a very powerful accessory whose smart rotating motion ensures that even the toughest dirt is removed while as much area as possible is covered making the cleaning process quicker.

Cut your work time in half with The AVA 1-2-3 Method. Start with foaming the area you’re cleaning. Then get up close with the extendable zoom lance to maximize the pressure of the water. Finally, choose a wider nozzle to cover as much area as possible to rinse off.

This refurbished AVA pressure washer will be covered by a 2 year warranty. AVA believe we cannot continue to use and dispose products as we have become accustomed to. Together we can make products last longer. AVA build products that are made to last and quality has influenced their design since day one. If you take care of your washer with regular service, the service life will increase considerably.


  • 2 year warranty
  • Long-lasting 3-cylinder metal pump
  • Flexible steel reinforced hose
  • Auto-stop function
  • On-board storage for all accessories
  • Lightweight, compact design - easily transported
  • Includes AVA’s unique Zoom Lance
  • Inclusive facade brush for cleaning of facades & other wooden surfaces
  • Inclusive foam cannon, vario & turbo nozzles
  • Ready right from the box - no assembly is required
  • Built-in tool holders for all essential equipment
  • Self-priming & able to use freshwater where a tap is unavailable

Pack Size Each Motor size 1700W
Power 240v Cable Range 5m
Weight (kg) 7 Pump 3 Piston, All-Metal
Solution Tank Foam Cannon Included Colour AVA Grey & Green
Water Flow Rate 390 lph Max Water Temp 40
Pressure Bar 120 Hose Length 6m
Tools Inc X-Large Bundle - See 'In the Box' section for full details Warranty 2 Year
Model GO P40 XL Model Number 10-101-104 A
Width (mm) 240 Height (mm) 300
Depth (mm) 480

Your refurbished AVA machine will feature a 2 year domestic use warranty. AVA's pressure washers and accessories are designed for the consumer market. Separate warranty provisions apply to professional use/purchase.

Whats covered? The warranty covers the cost of parts and labor if for example your pressure washers motor, power transmission, or electrical components fail. You can think of it as coverage over all the things not covered via the service kits, where worn down parts such as valves and seals are replaced.

What's not covered? The pumps worn down parts are included in the service kits and are not covered. Accessories such as hoses, trigger guns, lances & nozzles are parts that wear down over time & are not covered after the first 6 months of ownership.

How the warranty works: Simply log into your online Cleanstore account should you encounter an issue within your warranty period to report the problem & our customer service team will then contact you directly regarding troubleshooting & to arrange a free warranty inspection, if required.

  • AVA GO P40 Refurbished Pressure Washer (A-Grade)
  • 6m Steel Fibre Reinforced Hose
  • Trigger Gun
  • Zoom Lance
  • Foam Cannon with 0.8L Bottle
  • Vario & Turbo Nozzles
  • Facade Brush

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