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Hyundai HYCH2800ES Quiet Electric Garden Shredder has been added to your cart.

Hyundai HYCH2800ES Quiet Electric Garden Shredder

(149.99 ex VAT)
  • 2800W Hyundai electric motor
  • Chipping Capacity: 44mm
  • Includes flat push stick
  • 60L collection bag
  • 10m mains cable
  • Overload protection & safety switch
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Ultra-quiet, low-maintenance, easy-to-use electric wood shredder

The HYCH2800ES is a powerful, low-maintenance and easy-to-use electric wood chipper from Hyundai, which has an effective, ultra-quiet, slow-moving shredder to save annoying your neighbours.

With its powerful 2.8kW motor, the HYCH2800ES’ shredder speed of 60rpm crushes and grinds the wood rather than chopping it, which means it doesn’t have to work as hard as other shredders and thus will require less maintenance. This also means it's a lot quieter than traditional wood chippers. It quickly and easily shreds twigs, branches and trimmings (up to 4.4cm in diameter) into chippings in no time at all, doing so at a much lower noise level than traditional chippers with higher RPMs, meaning you can operate your chipper without risking upsetting your neighbours!

It also has an extra-large, 60L detachable, extra-sturdy collection box that keeps all your wood chippings in one place and allows you to dispose of them easily - no need to spend time sweeping up wood chips at the end of the task. Due to the large size of the collection box, this also means it is capable of storage large amounts of chippings, saving you having to keep emptying it mid-shredding.

Because this powerful garden shredder is electric, it means you won’t have to worry about topping up any oil or fuel - you can easily just plug it in and get started in your garden. It's never been easier! Thanks to its highly portable wheeled design, as well as its impressive cord length of 10m, you can easily move the shredder to wherever it is needed in your garden without straining your arms, back or shoulders, with its collector box catching wood chippings to minimise any cleanup.

Designed with your safety at the forefront, this electric shredder comes with a flat push stick so you can easily push any overhanging twigs or branches into the machine, protecting your hands and arms from the sharp blades.

Chipping your wood will allow you to fit much more of it into your waste or compost bin. Did you know that you can also use chippings in your garden to reduce weeds in your flowerpots or beds and hold moisture in the soil?


  • Extra-powerful 2800W Hyundai motor: Makes wood chipping fast and easy
  • Low-noise 60rpm shredder speed: Crushes wood with a max of 4.4cm diameter quickly, effectively and ultra-quietly to save annoying your neighbours
  • Detachable 60L collection bag: For a no-mess solution to collect chippings as you go
  • Portable, wheeled design: Easy to move around your garden, weighing just 20.8kg
  • Designed with your safety in mind: The included flat push stick will keep you safe whilst guiding in overhanging branches
  • Generous 10m power cable: Saves you having to reach for an extension lead
  • Peace of mind: 3 year Hyundai warranty

Pack Size Each Motor size 2800W
Power 230v Capacity 60L
Cable Range 10m Weight (kg) 22
Colour Blue & Black Tools Inc Collection Bag, Nut Wrench & Hexagon Wrench
Model HYCH2800ES Model Number HYCH2800ES
EAN 5056275799786 Width (mm) 460
Height (mm) 620 Depth (mm) 620

WarrantyFor added peace of mind, this product is covered by a Hyundai 3 year domestic warranty / 1 year commercial warranty, including full UK parts and labour backup to maintain your machine for years to come.

For full warranty terms please visit

  • Hyundai HYCH2800ES Quiet Electric Garden Shredder
  • 60L Collection Bag
  • Flat Push Stick
  • Nut & Hexagon Wrenches
  • Manual

1 reviews for Hyundai HYCH2800ES Quiet Electric Garden Shredder

The shredder
After the recent storms, had quite few fallen branchestwigs. The machine worked well - filled 3 tanks with chippings. It did get blocked once, but was able to clear the blockage by simply removing the access plate. Would recommend the machine to anyone who is likely to have small branches to clear.