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AVA Evolution P80 Large Pressure Washer Bundle has been added to your cart.

AVA Evolution P80 Large Pressure Washer Bundle

(416.58 ex VAT)
  • 2800W Induction Motor, 4 Cylinder All-Metal Pump
  • 160 Bar, 600 Litres Per Hour
  • 10m Steel Reinforced Hose & On-Board 'Follow Me' Hose Reel
  • Zoom Lance & Zero Force Trigger Gun
  • Premium Foam Cannon, Vario & Turbo Nozzles
  • 20 Year Warranty
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AVA Evolution P80 Large Pressure Washer Bundle
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Get Xpert-60 Detailing Kit NH Total value of 47.95 FREE
Solid, durable workmate provides power at your fingertips - 20 year warranty

Born from several years of customer feedback, combined with the AVA team's considerable experience, meet the AVA Evolution P80!

From the second you lay your hands on the AVA Evolution P80 you'll feel the solidity of this pressure washer. All of it's components are designed & manufactured to create a solid pressure washer that won’t break during use. Combine the AVA Evolution with the gun/lance/nozzle accessories & enjoy a new washing experience.

The AVA Evolution series is designed with a focus on user-friendliness & the P80 has a long-lasting 4-cylinder V4 metal pump for durability & performance. The machine has front support which helps ensure that the machine remains stable during use. The P80's accessories can all be quickly & conveniently stored on-board, while it's also very easy to wheel the machine away once you're finished cleaning thanks to it's large rear wheels.

The swivelling "Follow-me" Hose Reel pivots up to 45 degrees in each direction as you move giving you the freedom to maneuver without the fear of tipping the machine over. It also makes it effortless to reel the hose off and retract it with the professional quality steel reinforced hose preventing annoying twisting & tangling of the hose, while also making the hose much more durable & longer lasting. The Evolution P80 also has quite a unique reel for the electric cable, prohibiting use without extracting all of the cable.

Included as standard is AVA's award-winning zoom lance, meaning you can extend and retract, giving you the comfort and range to give a close, effective jet spray no matter the situation. The AVA Zero Force trigger gun is also included - the ONLY short nosed gun on the market with a strain reducing trigger, which takes 90% less force to use & gives your trigger hand relief especially when working over longer periods!

Upright AVA pressure washers come with an extendable support bar at the front. This support bar, along with the weight of the machine, offers enough resistance to stop your machine from toppling over when the hose is over extended.

Included within the AVA Evolution P80 Large bundle is an AVA premium foam cannon which creates a layer of long-lasting foam that clings to every surface. Featuring an adjustable foam output the AVA foam cannon utilizes a high-quality stainless steel mesh filter to mix detergent, water and air.

The inclusive AVA 20°/60° Vario Nozzle comes with all AVA Evolution Series pressure washers & allows you to quickly adjust the angle of the nozzle, & therefore the pressure of the water jet that comes out of the nozzle, & is very useful when quickly changing between two different tasks. You'll also receive the AVA Turbo Nozzle - a very powerful accessory whose smart rotating motion ensures that even the toughest dirt is removed while as much area as possible is covered making the cleaning process quicker.

Cut your work time in half with The AVA 1-2-3 Method. Start with foaming the area you’re cleaning. Then get up close with the extendable zoom lance to maximize the pressure of the water. Finally, choose a wider nozzle to cover as much area as possible to rinse off.

This AVA pressure washer will be covered by a 20 year warranty. AVA believe we cannot continue to use and dispose products as we have become accustomed to. Together we can make products last longer. AVA build products that are made to last and quality has influenced their design since day one. If you take care of your washer with regular service, the service life will increase considerably. 


  • 20 Year warranty
  • Long-lasting 4-cylinder V4 metal pump
  • Flexible steel reinforced hose
  • Follow-Me hose reel pivots 45º in each direction for extra freedom
  • Auto-stop function
  • Easily transported thanks to large wheels & carry handle
  • Includes AVA’s unique Zoom Lance
  • Zero-Force trigger gun reduces fatigue
  • Inclusive premium foam cannon, vario & turbo nozzles
  • Built-in tool holders for all essential equipment
  • Topple resistant thanks to front stabilising support
  • Plastic Water Filter
  • AVA Service Program beyond the warranty


AVA of Norway are passionate about their products and want them to last for as long as possible. Less throwaway, and more focus on maintenance of solid products is simply a good environmental measure & AVA constantly strive to improve on environmentally friendly design. Together with the customer's right to maintenance, this results in reduced maintenance costs and an extended consumer guarantee.

"A manufacturer and a customer working together to take care of the product is a dream team"

AVA of Norway are confident that customers will appreciate trouble-free maintenance that results in less throwaway. Together, we contribute to reduced costs and a more sustainable development.

Pack Size Each Motor size 2800W
Power 240v Cable Range 5m
Weight (kg) 29.8 Pump 4 Cylinder V4, All-Metal
Solution Tank Premium Foam Cannon Included Colour AVA Grey & Green
Water Flow Rate 600 lph Max Water Temp 40
Pressure Bar 160 Hose Length 10m
Tools Inc Large Bundle - See 'In the Box' section for full details Warranty 20 Year
Model Evolution P80 L Model Number 10-100-290
EAN 7072110749530 Width (mm) 460
Height (mm) 920 Depth (mm) 360

AvA 20 Year WarrantyYour AVA machine will feature a 20 year domestic use warranty when registered with AVA within 6 months of purchase & your machine is serviced at least every 5 years. AVA's pressure washers and accessories are designed for the consumer market. Separate warranty provisions apply to professional use/purchase.

Whats covered? The warranty covers the cost of parts and labor if for example your pressure washers motor, power transmission, or electrical components fail. You can think of it as coverage over all the things not covered via the service kits, where worn down parts such as valves and seals are replaced.

What's not covered? The pumps worn down parts are included in the service kits and are not covered. Accessories such as hoses, trigger guns, lances & nozzles are parts that wear down over time is not covered. All accessories are covered for up to 5 years if there is a manufacturing defect as stated in the Consumer Purchase Act.

How the warranty works:

  1. Register your new AVA high-pressure washer with AVA within 6 months from the date of purchase. Register here:
  2. Perform services if necessary & at least every 5 years. A high-pressure washer will last much longer if it is serviced regularly. AVA will help you so that you can easily and reasonably do this yourself. By registering service performed on AVA's website, the warranty is extended by 5 years. For the AVA Master & Evolution models the warranty is extended up to 20 years.

Get help, view instructional videos & information on what you need on AVA's website.

  • AVA Evolution P80 Pressure Washer
  • 10m Steel Reinforced Hose
  • Follow-Me Onboard Hose reel
  • Zero Force Trigger Gun
  • Zoom Lance
  • Premium Foam Cannon
  • Vario & Turbo Nozzles
  • Water Filter

4 reviews for AVA Evolution P80 Large Pressure Washer Bundle

Impressive Performance and Excellent Service
I recently decided to upgrade my pressure washer and went with the AVA P80 large bundle. From the moment I placed the order, I was impressed with the super fast delivery. It arrived much quicker than I expected, which was a great start. Unfortunately, I encountered issues within the first few days of use. However, Cleanstore's customer service was excellent they arranged for the collection of the damaged unit and delivered a new one within seven working days. The whole process was handled smoothly, which I found to be awesome. The pressure washer itself is fantastic. Its incredibly powerful, making cleaning tasks so much easier and more efficient. Whether it's the driveway, patio, or car, this pressure washer handles it all with ease. The high pressure ensures that dirt and grime are removed quickly, saving me a lot of time and effort. I particularly appreciate how everything can be stored neatly on the machine. The onboard storage keeps all the attachments organised and within reach, which helps keep my workspace tidy and efficient. One of the most pleasant surprises was how quiet it is compared to my old washer. Despite its powerful performance, it operates at a much lower noise level, which makes using it a much more pleasant experience. Additionally, its compatible with my Karcher attachments, which was a big plus. Just be sure to remove the collars on the Karcher attachments for a proper fit. Knowing there is a 20-year warranty was a massive bonus. It gives me confidence in the product's durability and reassures me that its built to last. The warranty is one of the best I've seen for a pressure washer, and it reflects the manufacturers confidence in their product. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The AVA P80 has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance, ease of use, and overall value. The initial hiccup with the defective unit was quickly resolved, and the replacement has been working flawlessly. I highly recommend this pressure washer to anyone looking for a reliable, powerful, and quiet machine.
Great bit of kit
Great bit of kit. Had initial problems as the P80 arrived damaged (in transit) and unusable. Quickly replaced with a new serviceable item without fuss. Comprehensive bundle included. Plenty powerful enough for my needs.
Impressive all rounder
First of all I would like to say that I have not had this machine for long however I am so far very impressed. When it had arrived I couldnt wait to use it and it only required a small amount of assembly to use out of the box. Providing you have a decent mains power and waterhose supply then you should be all set and ready to go. The P80 Evo Lrg is very easy to use along with the snow foam cannon, extendible lance, vario nozzle and dirt blaster nozzle. I have used this machine a lot in the small time that I have owned it and it has cleaned everything I have thrown at it with ease. Just be mindful that the P80 Evo is a versatile machine with allot of power for home use. The only way to adjust the power of the jet is by using the vario nozzle as far as I can tell. Judging by the build quality and how it has performed for me so far I would say that the P80 Evo is a reliable bit of kit and fun to use. I would highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a powerful versatile jet washer to buy this one. I was quite fortunate to buy mine in the spring sale from as I got it for less than what its selling for now, however I still think its worth every penny for what its selling now especially considering that it comes with a 20 year manufacture guarantee. Its a no brainer.
Ava Evolution p80 Large bundle
Great bit of kit so well thought out easy to use I have had lots of power washers this is the best yet love it if I had waited a couple weeks I could have got it a lot cheaper making it a real bargain