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Karcher K7 Premium Smart Control Home Pressure Washer

(482.50 ex VAT)
  • 2800W Induction Motor
  • 180 Bar, 550 Litres Per Hour
  • BlueTooth Connection via Smart Phone
  • 10m High Pressure Hose & Onboard Hose Reel
  • Plug & Clean Detergent System
  • MultiJet 3-in-1 Lance
  • T5 Patio & Deck Cleaner
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Karcher's Most Powerful Pressure Washer Yet with Smart Control

K7 Premium Smart Control: pressure washer with Bluetooth, application consultant app, boost mode for extra power, G 180 Q Smart Control spray gun, 3-in-1 Multi Jet spray lance, hose reel.

Thanks to integrated Bluetooth, the K 7 Premium Smart Control Home pressure washer can be connected to the Kärcher Home & Garden app. This means that the user is optimally supported via the smartphone in many cleaning situations and for many cleaning objects – and can achieve even more efficient cleaning results. The app provides many useful functions such as the application consultant with helpful tips and tricks, assembly instructions, maintenance and care instructions, as well as the Kärcher Service portal.

The K7 Premium Smart Control Home also has a boost mode for extra power, G 180 Q Smart Control spray gun with LCD display and the 3-in-1 Multi Jet spray lance. The pressure is set either directly on the spray gun or transferred to the spray gun from the app with the help of the application consultant. On the LCD display you can check which pressure level is set, whether the boost can be triggered or whether the device is still in idle mode.

Other equipment details include the hose reel for comfortable handling, the Plug ’n’ Clean detergent system, the high-quality aluminium telescopic handle and the park position for readily accessible accessories.

The K7 Premium Smart Control Home will also include the Karcher T5 T-Racer, a patio & path, decking & vertical surface cleaning attachment from Karcher. The T5 features a twin jet rotating arm to quickly & efficiently remove dirt & grime from patios, driveways, paving, brickwork & decking while protecting you & your surroundings from any waste spray & splashes. An onboard handle also allows the T5 to be used to clean vertical surfaces such as fencing, brickwork & garage doors. A 1 litre plug & clean bottle of Karcher stone & paving cleaner is also included within this package, providing a unique 3-in-1 formula which cleans, cares & protects stone patios, walls, facades & paving all around your home & garden.

The K7 Premium Smart Control Home features a long life water cooled induction motor, reducing energy use, water wastage & increasing motor life through the advanced cooling.

Features & Benefits

  • Smart Control App, Handgun & MultiJet Lance - the smart application consultant shows the correct setting and sends it directly from your smartphone to the Kärcher pressure washer. Always the right pressure, always the right accessories, for optimal cleaning results.
  • Parking Position & On-Board Storage - The smart control handgun & the connected spray lance can be stored on the pressure washer during breaks in cleaning, whislt remaining easily accessible. After finishing use the handgun & lances can be stored on board the machine to save space & to ensure they are easily located when you next use the machine.
  • Plug & Clean Detergent System - Quick & easy application of detergent through the pressure washer when your vario lance is set to detergent application mode. The detergent can be replaced effortlessly & Karcher's range of detergents help prevent dirt from returning as well as protecting & caring for your surface.
  • Telescopic Handle - The completely retractable transport handle offers a compact storage solution whilst maintaining the machines excellent mobility. The handle is made from high quality aluminium & extends to a convenient pulling height. 
  • Stability & Low Centre of Gravity - the K5 Premium Smart Control Home features a stability foot (which doubles as a second carrying handle) whilst the hose guidance through the body of the machine ensures the risk of tipping / tilting the machine is greatly reduced. Storage of the hose on the rear of the machine also creates a lower centre of gravity.

Pack Size Each Motor size 2800W
Power 230v Cable Range 5m
Weight (kg) 25.9 Filtration Inlet Water Filter Included
Solution Tank Plug & Clean Detergent System Colour Yellow & Black
Water Flow Rate 550 l/h Max Water Temp 60C
Pressure Bar 180 Hose Length 10m
Tools Inc Smart Control Handgun with LCD Display, 3-in-1 MultiJet Lance Additional Equipment T5 T-Racer & Stone Cleaner (1 L)
Model K7 Premium Smart Control Home Model Number 1.317-234.0
EAN 4054278786582 ASIN B08R659D28
Width (mm) 330 Height (mm) 666
Depth (mm) 459

Your Kärcher pressure washer is covered by a domestic use warranty of up to 6 years - 2 years as standard, with an additional 1 year for ordering from an official Kärcher Center & an additional 3 years coverage absolutely free when you register your machine with Kärcher within 28 days of purchasing.

Whats covered? This Kärcher product is covered under guarantee by Kärcher (UK) Limited to be free of defective parts and materials providing the product is used for normal domestic duties. The guarantee is limited to the provision of repairs, free of charge.

What's not covered? The guarantee shall not apply to defects caused by misuse, neglect, accidental damage, wear & tear, improper storage, installation or careless handling, frost damage / heat damage, alteration not carried out or authorised by Karcher approved supplier, the use of incorrect supply voltage, contaminated water supply or unsuitable chemicals. This is a domestic machine & as such using this machine for commercial, industrial or rental use will result in the warranty coverage being invalidated. Please note that your warranty is non-transferable and is only valid if you are the original purchaser.

How the warranty works:

  • To register and claim your free warranty extension, upgrading your coverage to 6 years in total, simply visit & register your product within 28 days of purchasing.
  • You will need to enter the product name, model, serial number, purchase date & retailer, along with a copy of your receipt.
  • Following your registration you will receive a confirmation email of the successful warranty extension from Kärcher, which you can use should you need to make a claim.
  • In the unlikely event your Karcher machine develops a fault after 30+ days simply contact Kärcher's customer service team, who will will place the repair with a local repair centre or collect the machine for repair.
  • K7 Premium Smart Control Home Pressure Washer
  • T5 Patio & Deck Cleaner
  • 10 Metre Quick Release High Pressure Hose
  • Smart Control Handgun
  • 3-in-1 MultiJet Spray Lance
  • Plug & Clean Stone Cleaner (1 Litre)
  • Water Inlet Filter & Garden Hose Adapter

9 reviews for Karcher K7 Premium Smart Control Home Pressure Washer

Satisfied customer
This appears to be a well made machine and is easy to use. The hose reel and handy pouch on the back of the machine keeps everything neat and tidy when storing. Unlike my old Karcher it only operates when the trigger is pulled and switches the motor off when released which makes for a much quieter working environment. It cleans well and everything working from the handle makes life easy. I am very happy with my purchase and the service I received from Cleanstore.
Pressure washer
Absolutely brilliantdoes as it says on the box. Cleaned our patio with ease.
Great bit of kit
Bought the K7 Karcher jet wash. This is a great piece of equipment and really easy to use. Not sure if I can say it is reliable yet, but certainly no problems so far. A bit pricey but excellent. Great service from Cleanstore, arrived exactly when they said it would. All in all, a great experience so far.
Ignore the App and get washing
Great product to replace a power washer of a different brand that I should never have bought. The easy use of detergent bottle into the main body a great idea. The results are far better than I have been putting up with for years. Only downside is the bluetooth connect to phone app, Karcher ditch the idea cuts in and out all the time and if far more faff than required just use the item on manual setting and give yourself an easier life, definately the implementation of Tech where it is not needed. If they had not put the "Smart" bluetooth app onto the washer it would have been a full 5 stars but with it drops down to 4. Ignore the app and get washing!
Expensive, but a very good washer for the money
After getting over 20 years from our old Karcher, figured it was finally time for a change and this is a fantastic product. Solidly built, very powerful when needed *and* very adjustable when you need to dial it back. And the skepticism I initially had about its connectivity features were quickly disspelled as they *are* useful, both in terms of the tutorials helping to get the best results, and in particular the bluetooth connection between the gun and the machine makes for very fast pressure adjustment without having to stop, and the three position lance also speeds up work dramatically. With the hose neatly stored on a wind-on drum it's far easier to get into and out of the job - and thanks to Karcher maintaining the same bayonet-type connection, all our existing accessories are compatible with the new machine. Obviously too early to tell how reliability is going to pan out, but our old machine served very, very well and is one of the main reasons for staying with the brand. It's expensive, sure, but it's also more versatile and much easier to use than our old one. If it's still going in 2042 I'll be very happy. Oh, and excellent service from Cleanstore too. Repeat customer and will definitely be back.