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Prochem Urine Neutraliser (5 Litre)

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  • Prochem - Urine Neutraliser - Acidic deodorant - use by direct application
  • Neutralises urine odour on contact - prevents staining
  • Dilution = 1 to 1 or ready-to-use
  • pH = 4
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Yellow tinted liquid with fresh fragrance

Prochem Urine Neutraliser is an acidic deodorant for neutralising & deodorising urine - direct application whilst fabric & carpet cleaning.
Neutralises odour & prevents staining.
Yellow tinted liquid with a fresh fragrance.

Pack Size 5 Litre Weight (kg) 5.2
Model B153-05 Model Number B153-05
EAN 5060026720110 ASIN B0074JZ1XQ

6 reviews for Prochem Urine Neutraliser (5 Litre)

Absolutely fantastic
I tried lots of other products and no success... this one I applied directly using the sprayer of my vax machine... my gosh... a miracle very very happy what a fabulous product. Old pee is gone for good.
what a life saver
My partner and I moved into our new house but the previous owner had 15 cats that treated the entire house as a litter tray, im sure you can imagine the smell, not nice at all infact it was face masks to stop ya self being sick. The house was so bad we hired a professional cleaning company who promised the word and delivered nothing it was £600 wasted. So we decided to surf net to find cleaning products etc so we could do the house ourselves, and we came across this product, we brought 10 litres and oh my life this stuff is just simply amazing, we only used 7 litres in the end and within hours there was no vile smell of cat urine, and a freah smell in the house. To say we were over the moon is an understatement. I would highly recomend it to anyone.
Animals and oldies!
This product is a life saver. It really does get rid of urine smells, both animal and human and also cleans well. I use it on hard floors and surfaces in a spray (check if colour fast if using on material). It works out a lot cheaper than 'specialist products' from pet shops. I also use it in a vax-floormate for floors.
Good for pets urinating in the wrong place
One of our cats has had renal failure for the last 4 years and is still alive and happy with on going treatment. He uses the litter tray for no2's but no1's.... well he will urinate outside on the rubber mat just outside the tray (designed really to collect any litter left on the paws on exit!) ! I have no idea why he wont wee in there as the trays are cleaned out morning and night!! very very fussy cat eh! Anyway I had been buying from a local store in a spray bottle, a clener designed for this use (enzymes eat away the bacteria instead of trying to mask the smell) but at around £4 per 500ml this is expensive so when i found this web site selling large quantities i realised that including p+p i pay £15 for 5 ltrs! it is absolutly fab as it does the job and works out so much cheaper, I just keep filling the spray bottles up as they empty. we are very pleased that our house has no smells because of this product and my constant efforts to clean it up! It is used to clean up every morning and night and i leave for a few mins to start digesting any bacteria, before wiping away. I also use in the water that i clean the cloths in to and leave to soak. I can not recommend this enough if you have problems with a cat spraying or urinating, it takes the smell away and if you have had a patch you havnt noticed for a while leave it on over night to soak in. I have used also on my sofa once when he was first diagnosed and he has never done it again on there since ,it totally removed all smells if it had not I would have thrown it out. This product has enabled us to live happily alongside a cat who has problems without the worry that we have a smelly house and has saved a lot of embarrasment . Will continue buying this product that lasts us about 6 months per 5 ltr bottle as long as the cat continues not to dirty his paws!!!