Mapa Neoprene Technic 420 Glove (Large)

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Mapa Neoprene Technic 420 Glove (Large)
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  • Excellent dexterity
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of chemical hazards
  • Ideal for use in industrial cleaning & maintenance
  • Good grip, due to embossed texture
  • Length 31 cm Thickness 0.75 mm
Extremely supple with freedom of movement for standard chemical protection

The Mapa Technic 420 is a neoprene glove with a natural latex cotton flocklined interior for comfort during wear. Suitable for use in cleaning, maintenance & general handling of chemicals.

  • Freedom of movement, due to the supple quality of the Neoprene and the comfort of the cotton flock-lining
  • Good grip, due to embossed texture

    Instructions for use

    • It is recommended to check that the gloves are suitable for the intended use, because the conditions of use at workplace may differ from the "CE"-type tests.
    • It is not recommended for persons sensitized to Natural Latex, thiazoles and dithiocarbamates to use these gloves.
    • Put the gloves on dry, clean hands.
    • Do not use the gloves in contact with a chemical for a duration in excess of the measured breakthrough time. In order to know this breakthrough time. Use 2 pairs alternatively when in long duration contact with a solvent.
    • Turn the cuff end down in order to prevent a hazardous chemical from dripping onto the arm.
    • Inspect the gloves for cracks or snags before reusing them.

    Storage conditions

    Store the gloves in their original packaging at a temperature not below 5°C.

    Laundering conditions

    Before taking off the gloves, clean them as appropriate :

    • in use with paints, pigments and inks : wipe with a clean cloth dampened with a suitable solvent, and rub over with a dry cloth
    • in use with a solvent (diluents, etc...) : rub over with a dry cloth
    • in use with acids or alkalies : thoroughly rinse the gloves under running water, and rub over with a dry cloth

    Caution : improper use of the gloves or submitting them to a cleaning or laundering process which is not specifically recommended can alter their performance levels.

    Drying conditions

    Ensure the inside of the gloves is dry before putting them on again.


    • This product is not classified as hazardous according to the directive 1999/45/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.
    • This product does not contain any substances of very high concern according to the regulation n° 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council (REACH).


  • Automotive/mechanical industry
    • Electric accumulator and battery manufacturing
  • Chemical industry
    • Handling, loading and unloading of chemicals
  • Other industries
    • Spreading fertilizer
    • Preparation of industrial glues
    • Industrial cleaning, maintenance

      Category 3 classification - Specific Chemical Protection & Micro-organisms Protection to EN 374; Puncture/Tear/Cut Resitant to EN 388

      Pack 10 Pairs

Pack Size: Pack of 10 Weight (kg): 0.1
Model: 420 (8 - 8.5) Model Number: 420 (8 - 8.5)
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