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HG UPVC Cleaner

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  • Powerful against atmospheric contamination, nicotine & other dirt on UPVC surfaces
  • Perfect for all synthetic materials like doors or window frames
  • Gentle, does not damage the surface
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Call for knowledgeable assistance
  • We only sell genuine products
  • Price match guarantee
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Powerful against dirt without damaging the surface

Synthetic materials, especially in doors and window frames can become dirty and look bad. This type of dirt needs a powerful cleaner that does not damage the surface. The perfect solution for this is the HG UPVC cleaner. The formula removes even stubborn dirt without a problem without damaging the surface.

UPVC surfaces like window frames and doors need special care. This type of surface often has stubborn dirt like nicotine or atmospheric contamination that requires a powerful UPVC cleaner. At the same time, synthetic surfaces can be quite sensitive. The perfect solution is HG UPVC cleaner. It works powerful against dirt but is gentle to the surface.

Directions for use:

  1. Turn nozzle into ON position
  2. Spray the HG UPVC cleaner onto a clean cloth and wipe the surface
  3. Wipe down the surface with a damp cloth to remove streaks
  4. Turn the nozzle into OFF position after use

Pack Size 500ml Weight (kg) 0.7
Model UPVC Cleaner Model Number 507050106
EAN 8711577135850 ASIN B00HLXTFVY

This product is a consumable item and therefore does not carry a continued warranty. However we expect all products to arrive in a safe and presentable condition. Should you have any questions about your item, please contact us.

  • HG UPVC Cleaner (500ml)

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