Sebo Duo-P Cleaning Powder (500g)

Price: 3.99
3.33 ex VAT
  • Currently 4.25/5 Stars.

1 reviews
Sebo Duo-P Cleaning Powder (500g)
Price: 3.99
3.33 ex VAT
In Stock only 6 left!
  • Currently 4.25/5 Stars.
(1 customer reviews)
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  • Use in conjunction with the Sebo Duo machine
  • Granules moistened with detergent 500 g pack
  • Work the granules with the Machine
  • Leave to dwell
  • Vacuum from carpet using a good commercial upright vacuum
Sebo Duo-P Cleaning Powder (500g)
Price: 3.99
3.33 ex VAT
In Stock only 6 left!
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The environmentally friendly Dry cleaning option for carpets

The SEBO duo-P Cleaning Powder is made up of granules that are moistened with detergent and is environmentally friendly and safe to use.

When the granules are worked
into the carpet fiber, soil and stains are lifted out of the
carpet by the duo-P powder.

The duo Brush Machine lifts
the carpet pile ensuring all surfaces of the fiber are
cleaned, leaving your carpet revived and softer.
After vacuuming, your carpet is clean, dry and ready for use.

An added advantage in using duo-P Cleaning Powder on your carpet is that once applied, a built-in fiber protector will help to protect against future damage from soiling or staining.

Pack Size: 500g Weight (kg): 0.5
Model: Duo-P Cleaning Powder (500g) Model Number: 3600E
EAN: 4012615046409 ASIN: B000Y9X7HK
Ease of Use
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  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
Value for Money
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  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
Good Product.!! 24/07/2011
Very good product, easy to use and good results. A must to keep handy in the house.