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HG Stain Away 7 (Rust)

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  • Removes rust stains
  • As well as rust spots from Tiles, Paving Stones, Concrete
  • And Non - Calciferous Natural Stone
  • Test for colourfastness before use
  • Allow to dwell for 1 - 2 hours do not allow to dry
  • Call for knowledgeable assistance
  • We only sell genuine products
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HG Stain Away removes stains from textiles

HG stain away no. 7 removes rust stains from clothes. Also removes rust stains from tiles, flagstone, concrete and non-calciferous natural stone.

HG stain away no. 7 is one of 7 special HG stain removal products.

Directions for use:

  1. Treat an inconspicuous part of the fabric first and test it for colourfastness.
  2. Dampen the stain properly with HG stain away no.7 and leave it to work for approximately 1 to 2 hours. Do not let it dry out.
  3. Clean thoroughly with warm water and a brush. Repeat the treatment if necessary and leave to soak longer, but do not let the liquid dry out.
  4. For smaller stains, put the fabric on an absorbent white surface, such as a white tissue for example.
  5. Dab it with a cloth drenched in the product and then rinse with warm water.

Pack Size 50ml Weight (kg) 0.1
Model Stain Away 7 Model Number 426005106
EAN 000087298406 ASIN B000IU3VJ4

This product is a consumable item and therefore does not carry a continued warranty. However we expect all products to arrive in a safe and presentable condition. Should you have any questions about your item, please contact us.

  • HG Stain Away 7 (Rust)

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