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HG Odour Eliminator for Clothes & Fabrics

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  • Removes odours molecules that cause bad smells
  • Works using natural plant extracts
  • Saves money on dry cleaning bills
  • Suitable for clothing & fabrics such as upholstery & curtains
  • Leaves no damp marks or wet stains
  • Call for knowledgeable assistance
  • We only sell genuine products
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Removes all unpleasant smells from clothing & textiles

Whether you're at a party, in a restaurant, at a barbecue or even as a result of sweating, odours can cling to your clothing making it start to smell. This is not a problem for machine washable clothes as the can easily be cleaned, however for dry clean only clothing it can be frustrating as the garments are not dirty & simply smell stale. This can also be true of curtains, upholstery, chairs & mattresses.

HG Odour Eliminator for Clothes & Fabrics does not just disguise these bad smells, but actually removes that odour molecules that causes them. With it's extremely fine spray & working using natural plant extracts, all you need do it spray the textile aerosol & after 20 minutes the smell has vanished - saving a lot of dry cleaning costs!

Directions for use:

  1. Spray HG Odour Eliminator for Clothes & Fabrics generously on the material from a distance of approx 30cm
  2. After 20 minutes the fabric is completely fresh & free from odours
  3. In the case of stubborn odours you may need to repeat the process  

Pack Size 400ml Weight (kg) 0.6
Model Odour Eliminator for Clothes & Fabrics Model Number 429040106
EAN 8711577014148 ASIN B000IU3WAW
  • HG Odour Eliminator for Clothes & Fabrics (400ml)

1 reviews for HG Odour Eliminator for Clothes & Fabrics

HG Textile Spray for all Unpleasant Smells at Source
Amazing product. Tenants had smoked and ruined my curtains. They were long lined heavy drapes. 3 dry cleans, 2 applications of fabreeze and a stint with dried lavender and still they smelled of smoke. However, one spray all over the curtains and between the lining and curtains and they are completely smell free. The spray itself does have a strong smell at first but disappeared after a few weeks. I am soooo happy with this product.