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HG Odour Eliminator for All Surfaces

(£3.75 ex VAT)
  • Removes the source of the odour once & for all
  • Deal with all unpleasant smells quickly & effectively
  • Uses natural enzymes & microbes
  • Perfect homes with pets
  • Effective against odours such as urine, excrement, vomit, nicotine, pets, fruit & more
  • Call for knowledgeable assistance
  • We only sell genuine products
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Odour eliminator with natural enzymes

HG Odour Eliminator for All Surfaces has been specially developed to remove unpleasant smells biologically. It does not mask the smell but removes it at the source with natural enzymes & microbes.

Amongst other smells HG Odour Eliminator is ideal for homes with animals & removes odours commonly caused by pets such as urine, excrement & vomit as well as nicotine, fruit, vegetables & many other sources.

Directions for use:

  1. Remove any remains of the original source (e.g. where someone has been sick clean the vomit away, in case of smelly bin first empty it etc)
  2. Turn the spray nozzle to the on position
  3. Spray HG Odour Eliminator for All Surfaces liberally on the surface - it's important that it is sprayed directly on the source of the smell to remove it completely
  4. The unpleasant odour disappears within 20 mins to a few hours depending on the surface - when the surface has dried the odour will have disappeared

Pack Size 500ml Weight (kg) 0.6
Model Odour Eliminator for All Surfaces Model Number 441050106
EAN 8711577012793 ASIN B000IU3W8Y
  • HG Odour Eliminator for All Surfaces (500ml)

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