Kranzle Quadro 599 TST DK QR Pressure Washer

Price: 1,650.00
1,375.00 ex VAT
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Kranzle Quadro 599 TST DK QR Pressure Washer
Price: 1,650.00
1,375.00 ex VAT
FREE UK* Delivery for orders over 50
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  • 3000 Watt Induction Motor, Special Brass Pump Head, Total Stop Systems
  • 165 Bar / 600 Litres Per Hour
  • 20 Metre Rubber Coated, Steel Braided High Pressure Hose, Onboard Hose Reel
  • Roto-Mold Trolley, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge, Leakage Return System
  • Stainless Steel Flat Jet Lance & Dirtkiller Lance
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Kranzle Quadro 599 TST DK QR Pressure Washer
Price: 1,650.00
1,375.00 ex VAT
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In the box
  • Kranzle Quadro 599 TST Pressure Washer
  • Trigger Gun with Safety Catch
  • 20m Steel Braided, Rubber Coated High Pressure Hose
  • Stainless Steel Flat-Jet Lance
  • Stainless Steel Dirtkiller Lance
  • Cleaning Agent Intake
  • Quick Release Fittings
Kranzle Quadro 599 TST Pressure Washer with Hose Reel, DirtKiller & Quick Release Fittings

The Kranzle quadro series combines all advantages from the Profi range and, due to its double axle chassis, shock absorbing buffers and its 4 wheels, sets a new benchmark in pressure washer stability & offers superb mobility. 

Suitable for medium to heavy duty commercial usage the Quadro 599 is a solid, reliable & high powered pressure washer, exclusively using oversized gears, oil housings & motors which significantly extend the service life during rough continuous operation, as you may expect from real professionals. The Quadro 599 TST also comes with a 20 metre, steel braided, rubber coated high pressure hose for an extra large operating radius & excellent durability. 

A key element of the Quadro 599 pressure washer is the one-piece, Roto-Mold trolley. This extremely strong & torsion resistant frame provides maximum stability for the pressure washer & ensures the motor & pump are well protected against external impact. The virtually indestructible chassis also securely accommodates the onbaord hose drum & electrical cable storage, while providing onboard storage for the inclusive tools. The integrated trolley takes steps & rough terrain in its stride, providing great mobility.

As with all Kranzle professional pressure washers the Quadro 599 TST features a pump head forged from special brass, guaranteeing an extremely long service life, & will also come equipped with a large, glycerine dampened stainless steel pressure gauge. An integrated water tank also protects the Quadro 599's pump from being starved of water, acting as a buffer between the mains water supply & the pump, compensating for any fluctuations in the supply.

The Quadro 599 TST is a heavy duty, durable unit, ideal for use in a variety of industrial / commercial environments including farms, kennels, workshops, automotive industry, mechanical manufacture & is even suitable for domestic use with some home users looking for a pressure washer to last for life.

A major advantage to the Quadro 599 TST from Kranzle is that you can clean with detergents & degreasers at high pressure. This is a big help when cleaning engine compartments, gearboxes or pre-MOT cleaning on HGVs. It also increases the effectiveness of cleaning where hygiene and BIO-SECURITY is essential such as on farms, in areas with livestock, kennels or any food handling areas.

Features & Benefits

  • Single piece Roto-Mold chassis - for excellent stability & durability
  • Integrated trolley & 4 wheels - takes steps & rough terrain in its stride setting new benchmark in stability
  • Large over-dimensioned gears / oil housings - significantly extend the service life
  • Specially forged brass pump head - guarantees long service life
  • Adjustable pressure output - operating pressure can be accurately set depending on the cleaning task
  • Total Stop system - motor & pump only run when required & the trigger is pressed
  • Integrated water tank - comensates for any fluctutation sin the water supply, protecting the pump
  • Stainless steel pressure gauge - large, clearly visible, glycerine dampened pressure display
  • Onboard hose reel - featuring a foldable crank handle for easy rewind & storage of the high pressure hose
  • Onboard storage - allow for convenient storage of lances & trigger gun
  • Integrated cable reel - elecrtical cable can be stored onboard the handle bar
  • Dirtkiller lance - provides ultra powerful spinning jet for removing stubborn dirt
  • Quick release fittings to speed up switching between lances and attachments 

Pack Size: Each Motor size: 3000 Watt Induction Motor
Power: 230 Volt Cable Range: 5 Metre Mains Cable
Weight (kg): 62 Pump: Brass Pump Head with Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel Pistons
Colour: Grey & Blue Water Flow Rate: 660 Litres Per Hour
Pressure Bar: 165 Bar max, 30-150 Bar operating Hose Length: 20 Metre Rubber Coated, Steel Braided High Pressure Hose
Tools Inc: Flat Jet Spray Lance & Dirtkiller Lance Warranty: 1 Year
Model: Quadro 599 TST DK QR Model Number: 610000
EAN: 4012314007749 Width (mm): 395
Height (mm): 870 Depth (mm): 780

Your Kranzle commercial machine comes with a full 1 years warranty that covers all parts of the machine (excluding any parts deemed as consumables) both for parts and labour

If you have you machine serviced with Cleanstore UK in the first 12 months of ownership this warranty will be extended for a further 12 months. 

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