Nilfisk Core 140 In-Hand Power Control Home & Car Pressure Washer Bundle

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Nilfisk Core 140 In-Hand Power Control Home & Car Pressure Washer Bundle Free items
Price: 219.99
183.33 ex VAT
FREE UK* Delivery for orders over 50
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  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
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  • 140 Bar with Blue Tooth Pressure Adjustment
  • 474 l/h
  • 1800 W Motor Air Cooled Motor
  • 8m High Pressure Non-Kink Flexible High Pressure Hose
  • Mid Patio Tool, Rotary Wash Brush, 8m Drain Cleaning Hose
  • 5m Electric Cable
  • Long Life Metal Pump
Nilfisk Core 140 In-Hand Power Control Home & Car Pressure Washer Bundle
Price: 219.99
183.33 ex VAT
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In the box
  • 140 max pressure Long life metal pump
  • Cleaning speed index: 40
  • Automatic start/stop system
  • Fan & Turbo nozzles system with user guidance
  • Mid Patio Tool 
  • Rotary Wash Brush 
  • 8m Drain Cleaning Hose 
  • Trolley for high mobility
  • Click&Clean connectivity for quick and easy change of accesories
  • Internal Hose reel 8m Ultraflex hose
  • Nozzle user guide
Nilfisk Core 140 In-Hand Power Control Bundle with Mid Patio Tool, Rotary Wash Brush & 8m Drain cleaning Hose

Heavy-Duty Pressure Washer: This Nilfisk high pressure washer easily handles your deep-cleaning tasks. 140 bar max pressure washer handles grime and dirty surfaces up to 40 m2 per hour. Rated power is 1800 W. This high-power electric pressure washer features auto start/stop functionality, trolley wheels, and durable handle for high mobility. Cleans efficiently and stores easily.

On-Board Storage: 8m flexible hose with internal reel storage system. No twisting, wrapping, or mess. Also includes storage for high-pressure lance, trigger gun, foam sprayer, mains cable, and accessories.

Ideal for Many Home Cleaning Purposes: Use on auto and car, patio, grills, outdoor furniture and a variety of surfaces such as wood decking, tile, stone, metal, driveway, and more

Nozzle User Guide: Easy to read, permanent user guide ensures you combine the right power and nozzle for your cleaning tasks. No confusion here, the guidance is on the machine's body.

Redesigned with extraordinary features and extra power for all-around cleaning and pressure washing, the Nilfisk Core 140 makes cleaning simple and storage smarter. At its core, the long-life, heavy-duty metal pump provides 140 bar max power to clean everything from soft and sensitive surfaces, such as paintwork and wood, to blasting away ingrained dirt up to 40 m2/hour. Change pressure easily, with the power control dial. Use on hard surfaces or as a pressure washer for patio and car needs. With the long, 8-metre ultraflex pressure washer hose, cleaning tasks are no hassle and neither is storage or manoeuvering. The internal hose reel helps easy stow away for a compact solution to your power washing goals. This lightweight pressure washer is also easy to learn and use, with permanent user guidance for the gentle and rough nozzles system right on the machine. A built-in trolley and Click&Clean connectivity make this ultra portable and versatile to use and store around your household.

The very first Nilfisk, which was also the first electric vacuum cleaner in Europe, was introduced in 1910 – developed and patented by the Danish electro technician Peter Andersen Fisker. This product is still an icon among cleaning designs in Denmark and around Europe. Nilfisk has come a long way since 1910. Today, the Nilfisk product family has grown and expanded to other areas of the cleaning spectrum. Still based on the workings of the vacuum motor but with extended expert proficiencies like steaming, water suction, pressure cleaning, etc., Nilfisk is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment.

Pack Size: Each Motor size: 1800 W
Cable Range: 5m Weight (kg): 12.6
Pump: Aluminum Colour: Blue / Black
Water Flow Rate: 474 l/h Pressure Bar: 140 Bar
Hose Length: 8m Tools Inc: Fan Jet, Turbo Nozzle, Detergent Bottle
Additional Equipment: Mid Patio Tool, Rotary Wash Brush, 8m Drain Cleaning Hose Model: Core 140 In-Hand Power Control Home & Car
Model Number: 128471255 + 128500727 EAN: 5060811350188
ASIN: B096KXT6D8 Width (mm): 371
Height (mm): 882 Depth (mm): 300

The First 30 Days - If you are not completely satisfied with your Nilfisk Machine we
will arrange a replacement or refund you in full.Nilfisk 2 Year Warranty

The 2 Year Warranty - Nilfisk domestic cleaning machines carry a comprehensive two year warranty, against flaws in any material, part or workmanship during the two year period.

How To Use The Warranty - If you do experience a warranty issue Nilfisk can arrange for your machine inspected but you must have your proof of purchase before you can continue. You can print this from the 'my orders' area of your Cleanstore account.

Local Service Repair Agent: Please report the warranty issue through your online account & we will forward these details to Nilfisk. You will then be contacted by Nilfisk with details of a local repair agent.

What's Not Covered - Please note this warranty does not cover wear & tear, nor consumable parts such as hoses, filters, brushes, handguns, lances & nozzles. Accessories such as these are covered by a warranty period of 6 months only. This is a domestic machine & as such using this machine for commercial, industrial or rental use will result in the warranty coverage being invalidated.

Cleanstore Tip - Please protect your machine against frost damage as no manufacturer warranties against burst pipes and cracked pumps from frost expansion.

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  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
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  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
pressure washer bundle 14/05/2021
Excellent next day delivery and pre-sales advice on choice of washer. Not used nearly enough to comment on reliability but the brand and other reviews were good enough for me