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TECcare CONTROL Cleaner & Sanitiser Concentrate (6 x 1 Litre)

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  • TECcare CONTROL offers broad spectrum disinfection
  • Very low chemical concentration yet highly effective
  • Single step cleaning & discinfection
  • Provides 504 litres of ready for use disinfectant once diluted.
  • Can be used on all surfaces & is residue-free
  • 12ml per litre dosage required
  • Dosage pump included
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Offering safe & effective single-step cleaning & disinfection for all surfaces

TECcare CONTROL concentrate provides safe & effective disinfection across a broad spectrum of surfaces & environments. With it's powerful lytic agent lethal to a microbe's cell structure, extensive testing in accredited labs demonstrates high levels of efficacy in fast contact times for a range of bacteria, viruses & fungi.

CONTROL Concentrate is supplied in 6 x 1 litre easy to dose bottles and this pack provides 504 litres of ready for use (once diluted) high level, class leading, broad spectrum disinfectant.

An all-in-one cleaner & disinfectant, TECcare CONTROL is easily dosed & allows a single-step cleaning approach, making it it extremely user-friendly.

TECcare CONTROL is a water based disinfectant which contains low levels of non-corrosive chemicals, making it safe to use on all surfaces in any application environment.

Chlorine & alcohol free with very low levels of chemicals, TECcare CONTROL is non-toxic, non-irritant, non-corrosive & food safe.

Pack of 6 x 1 litre bottles with dosage pump included.

Pack Size 6 x 1 Litre Weight (kg) 7
Model TECcare CONTROL 6x1L Model Number 912799
EAN 5028965815953

This product is a consumable item and therefore does not carry a continued warranty. However we expect all products to arrive in a safe and presentable condition. Should you have any questions about your item, please contact us.

  • 6 x TECcare CONTROL Cleaner & Sanitiser Concentrate (1 Litre)

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