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HG Limescale Remover Foam Spray

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  • Removes the limescale haze quickly
  • Thick foam for optimal adhesion to cleaning surface & longer working contact
  • Provides excellent results within 5 mins
  • Regular use prevents build up of stubborn scale
  • Leaves surface shiny & clean
  • Call for knowledgeable assistance
  • We only sell genuine products
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Removes limescale quickly & thoroughly for sparkling results

Every day sanitary ware is exposed to limescale as a water & scale go hand in hand. Limescale leaves a dull haze on tiles, shower cubicles, plastic bath tubs, sinks, taps, worktops & in the toilet. HG Limescale Remover Foam Spray removes the limescale haze quickly & thoroughly, leaving a brilliant shine.

Creating a thick foam for optimal adhesion to the cleaning surface & longer working contact, HG Limescale Remover Foam Spray provides excellent results within 5 minutes.

Regular cleaning with HG Limescale Remover Foam Spray prevents the build up of stubborn scale & your bathroom surfaces will continue to look shiny & clean!

Directions for use:

  1. Spray HG Limescale Remover Foam Spray onto the cleaning surface & leave to work for no longer than 5 minutes. Do not allow the product to dry.
  2. Rinse the surface or remove with a damp cloth.
  3. Repeat the treatment as required.
  4. Rinse the spray nozzle with hot water after use to prevent remnants blocking the nozzle before the next use.

Pack Size 500ml Weight (kg) 0.6
Model Limescale Remover Foam Spray Model Number 218050106
EAN 8711577010843 ASIN B000IU3W4I
  • HG Limescale Remover Foam Spray (500ml)

9 reviews for HG Limescale Remover Foam Spray

Compared to other similar products on the market I have found this to be the best I have used. Good value for money. I will be buying again.
HG Scale Away Foam Spray
Excellent product best cleaner I have ever used.
A long time favourite for myself and friends, preferred to some more widely advertised products .
Scale away
This is an excellent product the only downside is the sprayer isn't the greatest and the gun is poor.. The product is excellent and cleans water marks off taps and basins easily. Smells nice too.
Realy good and top value
Bought this along with other items as an add on to get the free delivery but....... Its really really good. I have a hard water problem and the shower sides get limed up quickly. Have tried other cheap products which are next to useless. This however was easy. Sprayed on for 5 minutes. I used a dishcloth to hard wipe and showered off all the lime build up. Works very well indeed. I will without doubt use again and for the money recommend wholeheartedly!