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HG Limescale Remover Concentrate (500ml)

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  • Extremely powerful & removes persistent limescale, rust stains & yellow stain deposits
  • Also removes urine stains & verdigris / copper oxide
  • Safe for bathroom materials such as chrome, stainless steel & ceramics
  • Also safe for glass, glaze, crystal & various plastics
  • Ideal for descaling shower doors, tiles, taps, basins, baths & shower heads
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Strongly concentrated for the safe removal of limescale

An extremely powerful product to remove persistent limescale, rust stains, yellow stain deposits & copper oxide. HG Limescale Remover Concentrate is however safe for all the materials that are used in a bathroom or toilet, such as chrome, stainless steel, ceramics, glaze, glass, crystal & various types of plastic.

Ideal for removing limescale from shower doors, tiles, taps, basins, baths & shower heads, HG Limescale Remover Concentrate also removes rust, urine stains & verdigris.

Directions for use:

  1. Depending on the degree of soiling HG Limescale Remover Concentrate can be used undiluted or diluteed up to 1:10, however for bathtubs always dilute 1:10.
  2. Test the product with a sponge on a small inconspicuous place first.
  3. Apply with a sponge & leave to work for a few minutes, then rinse off with water.
  4. Immerse poorly functioning / clogged shower heads in HG Limescale Remover Concentrate for 30 minutes & finish off by scrubbing with a brush.
  5. Finally rinse the shower head thoroguhly with water.

Please note that besides the familiar silver coloured sanitary ware (made of chrome) there are now also sanitary ware of different colours that are not acid-resistant. Before using this product check the manufactruers maintenance instructions for the sanitary ware.


Pack Size 500ml Weight (kg) 0.6
Model Limescale Remover Concentrate (500ml) Model Number 100050106
EAN 8711577001926 ASIN B000IU3VR6
  • HG Limescale Remover Concentrate (500ml)

2 reviews for HG Limescale Remover Concentrate (500ml)

Does what it says on the tin!
I was recommended this product when moaning about the state of the tiles and bathsinktoilet we live in a very hard water area and Limescale had taken over. It has done a tough job, although it took stubborn application over a period of a week (one bottle now gone!) we now need sunglasses in the bathroom. I will order a replacement so that we keep on top of the limescale.
HG Hagesan Blue Limescale Remover
This is a brilliant product does exactly what it says. A little on the expensive side but a quality product