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JMS Citrafresh (Trigger)

  • A quick and effective daily bathroom cleaner in trigger spray form.
  • Ready to use in an easy 1 Litre trigger bottle.
  • 6 x 1 Litre Trigger Spray Pack
  • Leaves your bathroon shiny clean - Prevents limescale and kills bacteria.
  • Fresh clean Lime Fragrance .
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  • We only sell genuine products
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Citrafresh RTU Trigger spray cleans and sanitises all washroom surfaces

Citrafresh is an all round washroom maintainer with a pleasant Lime Fresh Fragrance smell.

Citrafresh helps remove daily limescale, cleans and sanitises all surfaces and kills odour producing bacteria.

Citra fresh trigger can be used in conjuction with Citrafresh toilet cleaner leaving the whole bathroom smelling Lime fresh.

6 x 1 Litre Pack

Pack Size 6x1 Ltr Weight (kg) 1.1
Model JMS0006RTUB Model Number JMS0006RTUB

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