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Hill Brush Anti-Microbial Plastic Scraper (76mm)

  • Hill Brush - AMPSC1- Plastic Hand Scraper
  • 205mm x 76mm - coloured purple
  • Anti-microbial additive + standard cleaning procedures inhibits growth of bacteria/mould/mildew
  • Autoclave without loss of performance
  • Wide blade, plastic hand scraper
Delivery usually within: 9 working days.

The Hill Brush AMPSC1 Plastic Hand Scraper is part of the revolutionary anti-microbial range developed by Salmon Products.
The anti-microbial additive is included as the product is manufactured when used with standard cleaning procedures the additive effectively inhibits the growth of moulds, mildews & bacteria.
This hand scraper is part of a range coloured purple - easy to distinguish from other products.
Ideal for use in the food industry & other hygienically sensitive areas.
Anti-microbial properties are not affected by age, disinfectants or sanitisers.Can be autoclaved without loss of performance.
Product should be cleaned after use.
Pack Size Each Weight (kg) 0.1
Colour Purple Model AMPSC1P
Model Number AMPSC1P EAN 804548001891

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