Karcher K7 Premium Smart Control Home & Car Detailer

Price: 599.00
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Karcher K7 Premium Smart Control Home & Car Detailer
Price: 599.00
499.17 ex VAT
FREE UK* Delivery for orders over 50
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  • 2800W Water Cooled Induction Motor
  • 180 Bar / 550 Litres Per Hour
  • 10 Metre High Pressure Hose, On-Board Hose Reel
  • Includes Xpert-60 Super Foam Max & Phoenix Wheel Cleaner / Fallout Remover
  • Includes Xpert-60 Super Nano Resin Polish, Tyre / Plastic Cleaner & Glass Cleaner
  • Includes Karcher FJ6 Foam Nozzle, WB120 Rotary Wash Brush & VP180S Mini Vario Nozzle
  • Includes Karcher T7 Patio Cleaner
Karcher K7 Premium Smart Control Home & Car Detailer
Price: 599.00
499.17 ex VAT
In Stock only 3 left!
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In the box
  • Karcher K7 Premium Smart Control Home Pressure Washer
  • 10 Metre High Pressure Hose
  • Smart Control Handgun
  • MultiJet 3-in-1 Lance
  • Karcher T7 Patio & Deck Cleaner
  • Karcher FJ 6 Foam Nozzle
  • Karcher WB 120 Rotary Wash Brush
  • Karcher VP 180 S Mini Vario Nozzle
  • Xpert-60 Snow Foam Max (3.84 Litre)
  • Xpert-60 Phoenix Wheel Cleaner & Fallout Remover Trigger Spray (500ml)
  • Xpert-60 Super Nano Resin Polish (500ml)
  • Xpert-60 Tyre & Plastic Trigger Spray (500ml)
  • Xpert-60 Glass Cleaner Trigger Spray (500ml)
  • Tool Storage, Water Filter & Wheels
  • Instruction Manual
Comprehensive car detailing solution - FJ6 foam nozzle, WB120 rotary brush, VP180S nozzle & Xpert-60 cleaning products

Designed with car & home cleaning in mind, the Karcher K7 Premium Smart Control Home & Car detailer provides a comprehensive car detailing solution to enable you to get your car looking back to it's best - as well as cleaning your patios, drives, paths & decking! Coupled with the inclusive Xpert-60 car detailing products, the K7 Premium Smart Control Home & Car detailer package really does provide professional car care results.

The most powerful machine in Karcher's domestic range, the K7 Premium Smart Control provides an output of 180 bar max, ideal for cleaning everything from soft, sensitive surfaces to removing ingrained dirt from hard stone. Perfect for vehicle washing, the K7 Premium Smart Control features a user friendly design, auto start/stop functionality, trolley wheels & durable telescopic handle for high mobility as well as onboard tool storage.

The K7 Premium Smart Control's on-board storage is designed to hold the trigger gun & inclusive MultiJet 3-in-1 lance, while the 10 metre hose can be rewound and stored with ease on the onboard hose reel. The machine can connect to Karcher's Home & Garden app via Bluetooth so you can benefit from all Karcher's expertise to achieve perfect cleaning results. Simply select the cleaning task from the app & it will transfers the optimal pressure setting to the your machine!

This comprehensive car detailer package will include the Karcher FJ 6 Foam Nozzle, which quickly & efficiently covers surfaces with a rich foam that stays on longer and reduces the need to re-foam, while also offering adjustable dosing. A Karcher WB 120 Rotary Wash Brush is also included, with optional interchangeable heads, designed for easy handling & ideal for car bodywork due to its flagged fibres to ensure that no scratching occurs on the paintwork while ensuring even the most stubborn dirt & traffic film is removed, with an inclusive Karcher VP 180 S Mini Vario Power Nozzle also allowing you to clean awkward, inaccessible areas easily & efficiently. while offering pressure regulation as well as 360º angle adjustment. The Karcher T7 patio cleaner is also included, featuring a twin jet rotating arm thats capable of removing dirt & grime from patios, driveways, paving, brickwork & decking while protecting you & your surroundings from any waste spray & splashes.


In addition to the Karcher car cleaning accessories, the K7 Premium Smart Control Home & Car detailer package will include Xpert-60 Snow Foam Max. This high foaming shampoo is ideal for application using the inclusive Karcher FJ 6 Foam Nozzle & creates a dramatic effect foaming blanket which clings to car surfaces, enhancing the cleaning action to break down & lift all heavy soiling, traffic film, dirt, grease & oil.

Within the K7 Premium Smart Control Home & Car detailer package you will also receive Xpert-60 Phoenix Wheel Cleaner & Fallout Remover - a colour changing wheel cleaner, paintwork & exterior de-contaminant / fallout remover. The colour changing action occurs during the cleaning / decontamination process with Phoenix reacting with iron oxide deposits & changing from clear to dark purple. Powerful and safe, Phoenix delivers an effective cleaning action & providing a high gloss finish.

Also included is Xpert-60 Super Nano Resin Polish, a high performance, easy action blend of waxes, resins & silicone which is suitable for all paint types & delivers a professional, superior deep-gloss protective finish. Bodyshop approved, super nano resin polish is low chalking & thanks to its super-slip rpotection it helps prevent dirt build-up making subsequent cleaning quicker & easier.

The Xpert-60 Tyre & Plastic is also supplied within this kit. Suitable for use on wet or dry tyres, as well as plastic / rubber trims, Tyre & Plastic is a long lasting, instant spray-on tyre dressing to give a 'new again' deep black satin finish.

Last but by no means least an inclusive Xpert-60 Glass Cleaner quickly removes grime, insect deposits, tobacco staining and greasy finger marks from interior & exterior glass leaving a crystal cleaer finish without haze or streaks.

Professional car care for the enthusiast - that’s the Xpert-60 strapline, and it’s not just a throw away. Xpert-60 is recognised as one of Europe’s leading creators and manufacturers of high quality cleaning and appearance enhancing products for the professional & domestic user.

Xpert-60 is the brand for the professional, semi-professional and enthusiast. The Xpert-60 detailing brand offers cleaning, detailing and coatings technologies to a wider market of both professionals and enthusiasts who are passionate about achieving the maximum quality of finish on their vehicles.

Founded in 1987 by a team dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, Xpert-60's unique position in the global market is built upon the delivery of innovative, high quality product solutions for cleaning, re-conditioning and detailing operations across the automotive, transport, marine and industrial markets.

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive car detailing solution
  • Xpert-60 Snow Foam Max - high foaming, high adhesion for optimal results
  • Xpert-60 Phoenix - colour changing wheel cleaner / fall out remover
  • Xpert-60 Super Nano Resin Polish - unique blend of waxes, resins & silicone for professional results everytime
  • Xpert-60 Tyre & Plastic - a long lasting, instant spray-on tyre dressing
  • Xpert-60 Glass Cleaner - leaves glass crystal clear finish without haze or streaks
  • FJ 6 foam nozzle for optimal detergent application
  • WB 120 rotary wash brush with flagged fibres ideal for car bodywork
  • VP 180 S mini vario nozzle for cleaning awkward, inaccessible areas of vehicles 
  • User friendly design
  • Smart Control handgun allows for wireless pressure regulation
  • Quick release hose from handgun
  • Highly mobile trolley design
  • MultiJet 3-in-1 lance proivides multiple output settings
  • Bluetooth connectivity to the Karcher Home & Garden app - select your cleaning task / pressure setting & transfer it directly to the pressure washer
  • Accessory storage on the unit
  • Water inlet filter preventing debris entering pump
  • Auto stop/start protecting the motor & saving water

Pack Size: Each Motor size: 2800W
Power: 230v Cable Range: 5m
Weight (kg): 26.04 Filtration: Inlet Water Filter Included
Colour: Yellow & Black Water Flow Rate: 550 l/h
Max Water Temp: 60 Pressure Bar: 180
Hose Length: 10m Tools Inc: MultiJet 3-in-1 Lance, Smart Control Handgun, T7 Patio & Deck Cleaner
Additional Equipment: FJ 6 Foam Nozzle, WB 120 Rotary Brush, VP 180 S Mini Vario Nozzle & Xpert-60 Snow Foam Max, Phoenix Wheel Cleaner / Fallout Remover, Super Nano Resin Polish, Tyre & Plastic, Glass Cleaner Model: K7 Premium Smart Control Home & Car Detailer
EAN: 5060811350379 Width (mm): 330
Height (mm): 666 Depth (mm): 459

Karcher 3 Year WarrantyThis quality Karcher product carries a full three year warranty. This covers the machine for faulty or defective parts during the three year period.

Please note this does not cover wear and tear and consumable parts such as filters, brushes and accessories & using the machine for commercial / industrial use will result in the warranty being invalidated.

How the warranty works: If you have a problem with the machine during the first 28 days, please place a warranty callback with Cleanstore and we will replace your machine by return. After that the warranty is undertaken by Karcher. They will place the repair with a local repair centre or collect the machine for repair.

Karcher are offering an extra 1 years warranty coverage absolutely free when you buy from Cleanstore, meaning this Karcher machine will be covered for 4 years in total!


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