Gardena Water Stop 13 mm (1/2")- 15 mm (5/8")

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Gardena Water Stop 13 mm (1/2
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Currently Not Available
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Connection at the hose end

The GARDENA Water Stop is connected to the hose outlet. When a connecting device is disconnected, e.g. a nozzle or sprinkler, it stops the water automatically. When a device is connected, the water flows freely again. It saves a trip to the tap when changing accessories. The Water Stop is protected by a rubber ring that prevents damage.


For connection and change of devices at the end of the hose. For 13mm (1/2") - 15mm (5/8") hoses

Pack Size: 1 Weight (kg): 0.25
Model: 18213-20 Model Number: GA18213-20
EAN: 4078500011396
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Currently Not Available