AutoGlym Wheel Protector

Price: 8.99
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AutoGlym Wheel Protector
Price: 8.99
7.49 ex VAT
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  • AutoGlym joined forces with their motorsport partners to develop Wheel Protector
  • Super-hydrophobic, durable barrier
  • Minimises brake dust adhesion
  • Wheels remain cleaner for longer
AutoGlym Wheel Protector
Price: 8.99
7.49 ex VAT
In Stock only 10 left!
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  • AutoGlym Wheel Protector (300ml)
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A super-hydrophobic, durable barrier which minimises brake dust adhesion - Welcome to the future of wheel care!

Brake dust spoils gleaming wheels and can damage them if ignored. AutoGlym joined forces with their motorsport partners to develop the ultimate solution to this irritating problem.

AutoGlym Wheel Protector provides a super-hydrophobic barrier minimising brake dust adhesion & water contact. This ensures your wheels stay cleaner for longer.

Recommended in the 2015 Auto Express wheel sealant test group. Commended in the 2016 Auto Express wheel sealant test group.

How to use this product:

Before you start - this is an easy to use spray sealant, but to work effectively it needs time to dry. After applying do not touch or buff the wheel surface, drive the car or allow the wheels to get wet until the coating has fully dried. If you are using AutoGlym Instant Tyre Dressing apply it before Wheel Protector & remove any overspray.

1. Ensure your wheels are clean, cool to the touch & completely dry.

2. Shake well & spray, covering half the wheel surface. Remove any excess from the tyre as it may leave a white residue.

3. Do not buff or touch once applied, simply leave to dry for 1-1.5 hours - the longer the better.


Pack Size: 300ml Weight (kg): 0.3
Model: AutoGlym CWP300 Model Number: WP300
EAN: 5016366004601
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