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Hose Reels

Karcher Hose Reel HR25
  • The unit comes already assembled and ready to use.
  • The package includes a wall mount for easy storage.
  • entry level Hose Reel available from Karcher including a 15m High Quality Hose.
  • Accessories include 3 x Universal connectors
  • 1 x Universal connector with Aquastop, 1 x Spray Nozzle
£28.07 plus VAT
£33.68(inc VAT)
Karcher HC50 Hose Trolley with 15m Hose and Nozzle
  • Comes Complete with 15m Hose and Spray Nozzle
  • Hand Crank for Easy Rewind
  • Robust Design
£36.62 plus VAT
£43.94(inc VAT)
Karcher Metal Hose Trolley HT80 Plus DuPont Kevlar Kit
  • Features include a foldable steel frame with ergonomic non-slip grip
  • •Further features: hose guide, smooth running crank handle and angled hose connector
  • Allows storage of up to 60 metres of standard garden Hose
  • Package includes 20 metres of Kevlar® high quality 1/2 inch hose
  • Accessories include Spray Gun, 3 Plus Universal Connectors
£128.76 plus VAT
£154.51(inc VAT)
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